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14:46, August 25, 2008Natures majesty.jpg (file)40 KBDragola ('Nature's majesty is part of the TCG: Through the Dark Portal.)
14:37, August 25, 2008Cyclone.jpg (file)52 KBDragola ('Cyclone' is part of TCG: Through the Dark Portal.)
14:41, August 22, 2008Narvir's Cradle.jpg (file)268 KBDragola (An overview of Narvir's Cradle, located in Storm Peaks.)
14:34, August 22, 2008Bouldercrag's Refuge.jpg (file)433 KBDragola (A shot of Bouldercrag's Refuge located in Storm Peaks. )
14:13, August 22, 2008Antonidas Memorial 2.jpg (file)243 KBDragola (Close-up view of the statue at the Antonidas Memorial.)
14:04, August 22, 2008Obsidian Sanctum Entrance.jpg (file)415 KBDragola (The waygate that leads from the Obsidian Sanctum back to the Chamber of Aspects.)
14:02, August 22, 2008Obsidian Sanctum.jpg (file)321 KBDragola (A picture inside the Obsidian Sanctum.)
15:27, August 19, 2008Escape from Coilfang Cistern.jpg (file)239 KBDragola (Image taken during the quest: Escape from Coilfang Cistern.)
15:26, August 19, 2008Coilfang Cistern 3.jpg (file)286 KBDragola (Image of Coilfang Cistern.)
15:26, August 19, 2008Coilfang Cistern 2.jpg (file)179 KBDragola (Image of Coilfang Cistern.)
15:25, August 19, 2008Coilfang Cistern.jpg (file)136 KBDragola (Image of Coilfang Cistern.)
20:33, August 18, 2008Garrosh's Landing Tower.jpg (file)139 KBDragola (An orc tower located at Garrosh's Landing.)
20:16, August 18, 2008Garrosh's Landing Great Hall.jpg (file)143 KBDragola (A Great Hall located at Garrosh's Landing in Borean Tundra. )
20:01, August 18, 2008Stromgarde Town Hall.jpg (file)307 KBDragola (Stromgarde has a barrack combined with a town hall. )
10:51, August 18, 2008Anduin2.jpg (file)178 KBDragola (Anduin standing in front of his throne.)
11:11, August 11, 2008Garrosh's Landing.jpg (file)149 KBDragola (Image of a ship, used by Garrosh to get to Northrend.)
10:57, August 11, 2008Naxxramas Wotlk.jpg (file)142 KBDragola (Naxxramas as seen in Wrath of the Lich King (updated model).)
12:58, July 27, 2008Violet Hold.jpg (file)199 KBDragola 

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