Speaker Mar'grom is a level 68 rare mob ogre found in the Blade's Edge Mountains. He walks among the different ogre clans of Blade's Edge, trying to convince them to unite against the gronn. He also speaks against the message of Mog'dorg the Wizened, as he apparently does not know, or believe, that Ogri'la exists.

Inv gauntlets 15
Inv gauntlets 15
Inv gauntlets 17
Inv gauntlets 22

Quotes Edit

Speaker Mar'grom has a surprisingly large number of quotes for a rare mob.

Speaker Mar'grom says: Mog'dorg is a fool to think that one of the smaller races will be our savior.
Speaker Mar'grom says: Do not listen to Mog'dorg's lies! Ogri'la is a myth! We make our own heaven here with the blood of any that would divide and subjugate us!
Speaker Mar'grom says: The time has come. Strike down every creature that stands in the way of the clans!
Speaker Mar'grom says: Will we never learn to work together? Or will we smply kill each other off and be forgotten in time.
Speaker Mar'grom says: Do not bow to Mog'dorg's puppet! He would replace our gronn overlords with a liege of lesser stock. Why should we replace one master with another?
Speaker Mar'grom says: If only the leaders of the clans would listen. Unity is the only answer. All other paths lead to our destruction.
Speaker Mar'grom says: We should be uniting the Ogre clans, not fighting each other.

When aggroed:

Speaker Mar'grom says: The Ogre clans will not be subjugated. Not by the gronn, and not by a puny <race> like you!
Speaker Mar'grom says: My message of unity is meant for the Ogre clans, not for you, <race>!
Speaker Mar'grom says: I decree that you are an enemy of the Ogre clans. Punishment is death!
Speaker Mar'grom says: I will not allow you to kill any more of my kind! Prepare to die!


Speaker Mar'grom is a criteria of the achievements:

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