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|name=Southern Barrens
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Map of Southern Barrens

Southern Barrens is a generic term for all the lands south of Camp Taurajo. This area is considerably more hostile than the lands to the north; the beasts are considerably stronger than those in the lands to the north — with the primary threats being the silithid native to the Field of Giants and the quilboar pushing out from both Razorfen Downs and Razorfen Kraul. As a consequence, the majority of the mobs in this region are at level 20 or above, and the quests are directed towards players of a similar level.

File:Southern Barrens.jpg

The Horde has much less of a presence here, though it does boast a small number of individual NPCs in the area, as well as a small camp located at the Great Lift.


This area will be its own zone, will be retuned for level 30-35 players and will be hotly contested between two factions that are struggling for control of the zone. Some parts of it will also become lush. [1]Changes to the original Barrens areas are listed below.

Areas affected[2]:

  • Bael Modan – slightly expanded with new stonework; tiny Horde camp set just to the north called Spearhead
  • Bael Modan Excavation Site – now attacked by Horde raiders, though Bael Modan itself is not
  • Blackthorn Ridge – the northern corner now has a Goblin-run mine
  • Camp Taurajo – burned down by Alliance forces and is now being looted; the nearby road to Mulgore is now blocked by a Tauren-erected gate, The Great Gate
  • Field of Giants – west side taken by the Horde who have erected Desolation Hold and are constantly fighting with the Alliance; east side taken by the Alliance, called Fort Triumph; both have flight paths and serve as quest hubs
  • Fields of Blood – the Quilboar have more defenses in some areas, but have lost an encampment to the Horde, now called Vendetta Point near Camp Taurajo
  • The Great Lift – the road running north of here almost all the way to Blackthorn Ridge has been overrun with giant brambles; the Lift itself appears to be destroyed; just outside the brambles is Mankrik, elite now and fighting the Quilboar; further north is a small, neutral quest hub called Firestone Point, run by the Earthen Ring
  • Honor's Stand – the Alliance have taken this pass into Stonetalon Mountains and are erected a gate of their own while fighting off the Horde; full-fledged Alliance camp here with flight master; the Horde have a camp of their own just south of here in the hills called Hunter's Hill, with a flight path and 'The High Road' to enter Stonetalon Mountains
  • The Overgrowth – the lands south of the Lushwater Oasis have become overgrown and lush; there is a new Horde camp on the NE side, Camp Una'fe, that houses some of the Camp Taurajo refugees; further to the east is another encampment where Naralex awaits with quests; further east and on the edge of the Overgrowth is a small Alliance camp, Teegan's Expedition
  • Northwatch Hold – Controlled by the Alliance and is now a quest hub with flight master; a road leads from the back side down to the shores shared with Dustwallow Marsh where a dock sits – the boat seems to come from the Eastern Kingdoms (according to the NPC); The Hold is under constant attack by the Horde, who have a small camp just to the north in the hills and ships in the water; due west of here and near the main road is an Alliance encampment, Forward Command

Adjacent regions

Zone Name Faction Level Range Direction Access subzone Access method
Mulgore Horde 15 1-12 West Great Gate By foot or by Horde 15 flightpath
Northern Barrens Horde 15 10-20 North Great Divide By foot or by Horde 15 flightpath
Stonetalon Mountains Neutral 15 25-30 Northwest N/A By foot or flight path
Dustwallow Marsh Neutral 15 35-40 East N/A By foot or by Alliance 15 flight path
Thousand Needles Neutral 15 40-45 South N/A By foot or by Horde 15 flight path




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