Southern Barrens is a generic term for all the lands on the southern part of the Great Divide. This region is not only one of the most hardest hit by the Cataclysm, but also is one of the biggest war zones in the escalating conflict between the Alliance and Horde. In the wake of the Cataclysm, the Alliance has been aggressively expanding into the heart of the continent from the east coast.

Geography defines the conflict here. The Battlescar sits in the middle of a narrow pass, a natural bottleneck. The Alliance needs to blast its way through here in order to maintain an overland link between Theramore and Northwatch Hold, not to mention a route into the Stonetalon Mountains, where the Alliance can lend aid to its allies. If the Horde can seal off this pass, then Theramore will essentially be isolated. The conflict comes to a head in the Battlescar... and the future of Kalimdor may hinge on the outcome.


The landscape here is predominately a savanna-esque landscape caught in the dry season, the exception being the Overgrowth situated in the northern part of the region, near the Great Divide - a growth stated by local quests to not be entirely natural.

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Southern Barrens Map

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Flight Master Locations

Alliance 15 Fort Triumph
Alliance 15 Honor's Stand
Alliance 15 Northwatch Hold
Horde 15 Desolation Hold
Horde 15 Hunter's Hill
Horde 15 Vendetta Point

Regions adjacent to Southern Barrens

Zone Name Faction Level Range Direction Alliance 15 Access Horde 15 Access
Dustwallow Marsh Horde 15 Alliance 15 Neutral 15 35-40 East By foot east; MiniIcon FlightMaster from Fort Triumph to Mudsprocket; also MiniIcon FlightMaster from Northwatch Hold to Theramore Isle By foot east; MiniIcon FlightMaster from Desolation Hold to either Mudsprocket or Brackenwall Village
Mulgore Horde 15 1-10 West By foot west By foot west; MiniIcon FlightMaster from Hunter's Hill to Thunder Bluff
Northern Barrens Horde 15 10-20 North By foot north; MiniIcon FlightMaster from Honor's Stand or Northwatch Hold to Ratchet By foot north; MiniIcon FlightMaster from Hunter's Hill to Crossroads
Stonetalon Mountains Horde 15 Alliance 15 25-30 Northwest By foot northwest; MiniIcon FlightMaster from Honor's Stand to Northwatch Expedition Base Camp By foot northwest
Thousand Needles Horde 15 Neutral 15 40-45 South By foot south; MiniIcon FlightMaster from Fort Triumph to Fizzle and Pozzik's Speedbarge (multi-point flight) By foot south; MiniIcon FlightMaster from Desolation Hold to Westreach Summit

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Cataclysm-Logo-Small This section concerns content exclusive to Cataclysm.

Areas affected[1]:

  • Bael Modan – (Now Destroyed) slightly expanded with new stonework; tiny Horde camp set just to the north called Spearhead
  • Bael Modan Excavation Site – now attacked by Horde raiders, though Bael Modan itself is not
  • Blackthorn Ridge – the northern corner now has a Goblin-run mine
  • Camp Taurajo – burned down by Alliance forces and is now being looted; the nearby road to Mulgore is now blocked by a Tauren-erected gate, The Great Gate
  • Field of Giants – west side taken by the Horde who have erected Desolation Hold and are constantly fighting with the Alliance; east side taken by the Alliance, called Fort Triumph; both have flight paths and serve as quest hubs
  • Fields of Blood – the Quilboar have more defenses in some areas, but have lost an encampment to the Horde, now called Vendetta Point near Camp Taurajo
  • The Great Lift – the road running north of here almost all the way to Blackthorn Ridge has been overrun with giant brambles; the Lift itself appears to be destroyed; just outside the brambles is Mankrik, elite now and fighting the Quilboar; further north is a small, neutral quest hub called Firestone Point, run by the Earthen Ring
  • Honor's Stand – the Alliance have taken this pass into Stonetalon Mountains and are erected a gate of their own while fighting off the Horde; full-fledged Alliance camp here with flight master; the Horde have a camp of their own just south of here in the hills called Hunter's Hill, with a flight path and 'The High Road' to enter Stonetalon Mountains
  • The Overgrowth – the lands south of the Lushwater Oasis have become overgrown and lush; there is a new Horde camp on the NE side, Camp Una'fe, that houses some of the Camp Taurajo refugees; further to the east is another encampment where Naralex awaits with quests; further east and on the edge of the Overgrowth is a small Alliance camp, Teegan's Expedition
  • Northwatch Hold – Controlled by the Alliance and is now a quest hub with flight master; a road leads from the back side down to the shores shared with Dustwallow Marsh where a dock sits – the boat seems to come from the Eastern Kingdoms (according to the NPC); The Hold is under constant attack by the Horde, who have a small camp just to the north in the hills and ships in the water; due west of here and near the main road is an Alliance encampment, Forward Command





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