Sons of Kor are colossus sons of the Stone Lord, Kor the Immovable. Both he and they can be located within the Shuddering Spires[35.7, 36.2]
of Deepholm. The Sons are typically fighting rock flayers, but they have also succumbed to the petrifying powers of the basilisks in the northern section of the area.

Players typically encounter them after they have attained friendly status with Therazane; the below loot table is for those wishing to either kill them beforehand or those that set their reputation status with Therazane "at war".


Item Source Use
Inv misc volatileearth [Volatile Earth] IconSmall Mining [Mining] All primary production professions
IconSmall Smelting Smelting
Item pyriumore [Elementium Ore] IconSmall Mining [Mining] IconSmall Prospecting Prospecting
IconSmall Smelting Smelting


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