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Soggoth the Slitherer


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Soggoth the Slitherer is the name of the slain tentacled creature, a minion of the Old Gods, at the Master's Glaive in Darkshore.

According to Archaeologist Groff, the Master's Glaive was the site of an ancient battle. The titans sent twenty of their Stone giants against Soggoth. Of those twenty giants, only one survived. The tablets say that Kronn, the largest of the Stone giants, allowed himself to be entangled by Soggoth's tendrils -- just long enough to be lifted close enough to the creature's skull and within reach of Kronn's mighty sword.[1]

The Twilight's Hammer clan formed a large contingent of followers in Darkshore in a camp around Soggoth's remains in what appeared to be an attempt to resurrect the minion of the Old Gods. Adventurers intervene before Twilight's Hammer finish their ritual to resurrect the dread Soggoth and slay the remnant they managed to summon.[2]

In World of Warcraft Edit

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Adventurers help a somewhat confused dwarven archaeologist investigate an attempt by the Twilight's Hammer clan to resurrect Soggoth. Eventually phasing content reveals a level 20 elite called the Combat 15 Avatar of Soggoth.

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Trivia Edit

  • It is possible that the name comes from "Shoggoths" which were mostly shapeless, blob-like, tentacled creatures from the Lovecraft universe.
    • Shoggoths were created by the Elder Things or "Old Ones" in the Lovecraft universe to serve as bioengineering construction equipment, but eventually broke free and entered into service of the Old Gods. Considering Soggoth is a servant of the Old Gods in the Warcraft universe his name is most likely more based on the Shoggoths.
  • Icon-hearthstone-22x22 Soggoth the Slitherer has been added to the Hearthstone in the Whispers of the Old Gods expansion.

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