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This item is an objective of the quest Neutral 15 [26D] Blueleaf Tubers.

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Snufflenose Owner's Manual
The Snufflenose Owner's Manual is located in Ratchet in the Barrens. [62, 37]


Snufflenose Owner's Manual


You are the proud new owner of the amazing snufflenose gopher! Although a shy creature, we are positive you'll find your new pet's fuzzy cuteness and incredible olfactory capabilities endearing.

In the following pages, you'll find information on your gopher's:

1. Feeding and care
2. Eccentric (and adorable) behavior
3. Use of the patented Snufflenose Command Stick(tm)

Again, congratulations. You won't be disappounted,

-Marwig Rustbolt
Owner, Snuff Inc.


We are committed to providing you with everything needed to care for your pet. Our customers have come to expect this level of service from Snuff Inc, and we agree!

To that end, we have designed sturdy gopher crates with small holes, perfect for keeping your pet safe, secure and out of the light.

For your convenience, inside every crate is a food pellet receptacle, infused with the alluring scent of blueleaf tubers (the snufflenose gopher's favorite treat)!


The snufflenose gopher likes small, dark places. And it is very shy.

If you wish to walk your gopher, then you must take it to a place that feels like home. And you MUST take it to where your gopher can smell its favorite food: blueleaf tubers!

The closest such place is the "trench" area of Razorfen Kraul. If you open your crate near the trench, and your gopher can smell any nearby tubers, then he will venture out and follow you.


The snufflenose gopher is an amazing animal. Not only does it inspire love and affection from even the most ornery plainstrider, it can smell a buried blueleaf tuber from up to fifty yards away!

If you wish to send your gopher to find a tuber, then you may use our (separately sold) patented snufflenose command stick.

Direction following on next page...

All of our gophers are highly trained, and merely waving your command stick will send a nearby gopher into "search mode." The gopher will then sniff for a tuber and if he smells one, he'll move toward it and dig it up.

If you wave the command stick again while the gopher is searching for a tuber, then it will stop its search and happily return to your side.

We are confident that you'll find our gophers well trained, useful and squeezably soft additions to your party!

It pains us to mention that we at Snuff Inc. have received reports that some greedy tuber hunters care little for the safety of their lovable pets and send them into dark, dangerous nooks and cranies in search of tubers.

We do not condone such irresponsible behavior, but in the efforts of customer satisfaction we have included a warranty with every gopher sold, allowing new owners to return to their point of purchase and replace lost pets.

Happy Hunting!

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