Snorri is an old, old ice giant. While he is still a warrior for the Sons of Hodir, he needs a bit of help these days to deliver havoc upon his enemies.

He appears at Fjorn's Anvil while the character is undertaking the quests

As a vehicle Edit

Pointer mount on 32x32 This giant can be mounted.

Snorri is involved in the quest Battling the Elements. During this quest, you mount him, and guide him to mounds of snow, which he packs into a snowball, and then have Snorri throw the snowball at a fire revenant, dispersing it.

  1. Spell frost frostward  [Gather Snow]ω ϖ—Causes Snorri to pick up snow from a nearby Snowdrift instant (5 sec cooldown)
  2. Inv ammo snowball  [Throw Snowball]ω ϖ 100 yd yd range—Instructs Snorri to throw a snowball at a Seething Revenant. instant (2 sec cooldown)

Once a snowball has been picked up, you have 20 seconds in which to target a revenant and throw the snowball. One snowball, one revenant. Pfsssssss....

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