Sneed's Shredder is a level 20 mechanical elite in the Deadmines.

Sneed's Shredder is a giant lumber mill on legs. Sitting on top of the Shredder is Sneed who tries to chop everyone into planks of wood. Make sure you kill as many mobs as possible before attempting to take on Sneed, as he will occasionally use Terrify, causing your character to run in a random direction away from him. This could lead you straight into a mass of goblins if you haven't killed them yet, in which case the group will probably be wiped out. After you defeat the Shredder, Sneed will jump out and continue the fight on his own legs. He is still very dangerous in this form, do not attempt to loot the shredder or move on until you are sure Sneed himself is dead.

Most forget that Sneed is ejected from the cockpit.


  • Ability racial cannibalize  [Distracting Pain]ω ϖ—Reduces an enemy's casting speed by 35% for 15 sec.
  • Ability physical taunt  [Terrify]ω ϖ—Terrifies an enemy, causing it to flee in fear for 4 sec. Only 1 target can be terrified at a time.
  • Spell fire fire  [Eject Sneed]ω ϖ—Ejects Sneed from the shredder cockpit.



Notable Loot
Inv sword 24
Inv weapon shortblade 05
Inv gizmo 01


  • Sneed's Shredder can be controlled by a Gnomish Universal Remote.
  • Sneed, while in his Shredder, has a topknot, while once outside, is bald.
  • On the control screen of the shredder there is a picture of Kerrigan from the Starcraft series.
  • Upon the defeat of Sneed's Shredder, you can see that Sneed himself is crushed by the shredder, as it is using the default shredder animation.

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