Sneed is a level 20 elite goblin in the Deadmines. Sneed is Edwin VanCleef's Lumbermaster and pilots Sneed's Shredder.


  • Ability warrior disarm  [Disarm]ω ϖ—Disarms an enemy, forcing it to stop wielding its weapon for 5 sec.

Combat InfoEdit

Sneed can be difficult to pull without attracting the attention of any mobs, so it is recommended to kill as many mobs as you can before pulling him. The battle takes place in two phases. Once you bring Sneed's Shredder's health to 0%, Sneed exits the shredder and you have to bring him down again. If you are fast you can also run away fast from the shredder, then Sneed won't be pulled, but you may have difficulties with targeting him again.

Also, be aware that if the tank does not know that Sneed will jump out, and starts looting the shredder, it will be VERY difficult to prevent a wipe, since Sneed moves fast, attacks fast, and hits pretty hard. He is capable of taking down casters in mere seconds.


  • When you're fighting Sneed in his shredder he has hair, but when you destroy the machine he goes bald.
  • When you destroy the machine and Sneed pops out, you can still see Sneed smushed under the shredder, leaving two Sneeds in the room.
  • You need to kill Sneed to get through to the next room.


Notable Loot
Inv throwingaxe 06
Inv gauntlets 23


Replaced an NPC called Chuck in the Beta.

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