Smith Gorlunk can be found in Shadowmoon Valley [67.7, 36.2]

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Smith Gorlunk drops the [Primed Key Mold], which starts the quest chain to obtain the [Shattered Halls Key]. He is in the northern part of the Black Temple area. He is easy to reach by flying mount; you can avoid elite patrols and pull him by himself to the top of a small hill near his hut. His hut is easy to identify, as it has the usual blacksmith forge in it. It's inside the first wall of the temple. There are several level 68 Shadowmoon Slayers along the walls to watch out for and wandering Eyes of Kilrogg. Location is at about (67,35) Respawn time is 5-8 mins.

Be careful of your timing pulling Gorlunk to the hill, as one of the elite drakonids patrols that hill.

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