Skra'gath is a mini-boss that needs to be killed for Neutral 15 [67G] The Ring of Blood: Skra'gath quest.

Skra'gath does an AoE knockback spell-interrupt and has a chance to gain health when damaging enemies in melee. Resistant to the first school of magic used against him.

Objective of Edit


As seen in-game.

You must kill this mob to complete the quest Neutral 15 [67G] The Ring of Blood: Skra'gath, part of the Ring of blood quest chain.

Tips Edit

  • As someone in your party accepts the quest, Skra'gath will spawn in the center of the Ring of Blood and will attack the nearest player inside the ring. So make sure your party is at full health and mana and that the tank is ready before you start the event.
  • If your party wipes during the fight, Skra'gath will despawn and the quest will be marked as Failed in your quest log. You must abandon it before you can retry to kill the mob.

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