Skettis[60, 72]
is the hidden capital of the Arakkoa, and one of the major secrets of Terokkar Forest. It is situated in Blackwind Valley in southeastern Terokkar Forest, only accessible to players who have a flying mount or Druids who have learned Flight Form. It is made up of four Veils: Veil Ala'rak, Veil Harr'ik, Lower Veil Shil'ak, and Upper Veil Shil'ak. At its center is Terokk's Rest, the site where the arakkoa lord Terokk can be summoned back into the world.

There are many Arakkoa structures here both along the forest floor as well as in the upper boughs of the trees. Various kinds of wildlife also live in this area. Talonsworn Forest-Ragers patrol around the shores of the lake, and various classes of Arakkoa and their bird guardians, including Monstrous Kaliri inhabit the city. In Blackwind Lake live Skettis Surgers (water elementals), usually protecting the Highland Mixed Schools. The Blackwind Sabercat, a feline beast found in Skettis, was a popular pet for hunters at level 70 due to requiring no effort to level up. Further, they possess a daunting appearance.

Skettis was expanded with patch 2.1, which introduced the Sha'tari Skyguard.


The name "Skettis" is a reference to the Skeksis, the villains of the Jim Henson film The Dark Crystal. The Skeksis also bear a very strong resemblance to the arakkoa, and may be part of the inspiration.

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