"The draenei's fatal flaw is their trusting nature." [1] (TCGMoL 253)

Sironas is a hostile level 20 elite demon and the main antagonist of the Draenei starting questline, found in Bloodmyst Isle.


During their battle with the blood elves over the fortress of Tempest Keep, the draenei's trans-dimensional vessel, the Exodar, was able to essentially break away from its orbit around the Keep, and teleported away from Outland, only to crash-land on the Azuremyst Isles in Kalimdor. In the confusion of the battle, Sironas, a female man'ari eredar employed by Kael'thas Sunstrider, was able to infiltrate the Exodar, before it could transport itself away from Outland.

After landing in Azeroth, she rounded up the blood elves who had survived the wreck and retreated to what would become Bloodmyst Isle. From there, she and the blood elves (collectively known as the Sun Hawks) began causing major problems for the budding outpost of Blood Watch, laying claim to wreckage from the Exodar for their own purposes. Among her plans, Sironas has begun using the remains of the ship's Vector Coil to create Sun Gates, dimensional rifts which allow for a steady supply of reinforcements to be shipped from Outland. According to one blood elf prisoner captured by the draenei, she has power equaling that of a demon, which can be used to corrupt draenei and turn them into man'ari eredar. She has done this at least once, transforming a captured draenei into what the prisoner called 'an abomination.'

As a Quest ObjectiveEdit

The following quest requires her to be slain:


  • Sironas is only killable during the quest. If you approach her when you are not on the quest she will not attack, and can not be attacked.


  • Sironas is the first female man'ari eredar character to appear, and by far the lowest level of any eredar currently in the game.
  • Sironas has turned a Draenei into "an abomination" and is the only known eredar to be able to do this. The draenei she transformed may have been Vindicator Saruan.


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