Sir Zeliek is an undead paladin who seemingly resisted being turned into a Death Knight like the other Horseman due to his powerful faith. Sir Zeliek is located in Naxxramas. He is killable in the Four Horsemen encounter.

It seems as though Sir Zeliek managed to retain his sanity despite Kel'Thuzad's corruption, but still his body obeys the Lich King's lieutenant. This could be seen as a mark of great spirituality and mental strength on the part of the paladin.

Based on his white color scheme and the wings on his helmet (signifying victory), Sir Zeliek is most likely based on the first Rider of the Apocalypse, the White Rider of Conquest.

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Sir Zeliek

Sir Zeliek in World of Warcraft.

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Sir Zeliek survived his encounter in the first siege against Naxxramas in the Eastern Plaguelands, and returns as one of the Four Horsemen in the newly relocated necropolis, floating above the Dragonblight. According to Commander Eligor Dawnbringer's lecture in Wintergarde Keep, Zeliek is, "so strong in his faith, that even in undeath, the power of the light still heeds his call, smiting his foes in battle."

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Please see the 'Attacks and Abilities' section in Four Horsemen.

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  • Flee, before it's too late!

Killing a player:

  • Forgive me!


  • I- I have no choice but to obey!


  • Invaders, cease this foolish venture at once! Turn away while you still can!
  • Perhaps they will come to their senses, and run away as fast as they can!
  • Do not continue! Turn back while there's still time!


  • It is... as it should be.

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