Not to be confused with Silvermoon Guardian.

Silvermoon City Guardians are level 90 guards located throughout the blood elf capital of Silvermoon City. They give directions to various locations within the city.

They seem to be politically under the sway of the Blood Knight order. When a blood elf paladin uses the emote "/eye" on a Guardian, he will kneel before the paladin. When asked where the hunter trainer is, a Guardian will respond rather rudely, referring to a Farstrider as "one of them". The Guardians are equally as discourteous when asked for the location of the blacksmith. This further contributes to the air of political factionalism in Silvermoon City.

See List of Silvermoon City NPCs.


  • A Guardian will react to many emotes - /kiss, /rude, /shy, /salute and /eye, to name a few.
  • The Guardians use the beta blood elf model, likely to differentiate them from "civilian" blood elves and player characters.
  • They bear a great similarity to the Blood Elf Spell Breakers of Warcraft III, except they lack the face mask.
  • The armor they wear doesn't seem to be obtainable in game and neither does the sword and shield they are holding.
  • There are many NPCs that look like the Silvermoon City Guardian. The only difference is that they have different stats and name. example: Silvermoon Delegation Guardian, Silvermoon Guardian, and etc.

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