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Sigil of the Bone Gryphon is the Death Knight tanking sigil available from frost emblems. It causes the player's Rune Strike ability to grant a stacking buff that increases dodge chance.


Until it reaches the full five stacks, the sigil is inferior to the older Sigil of Insolence, meaning that the old sigil is preferable in any situation where the stacks are likely to fall off. As most fights in Icecrown Citadel have some kind of tank rotation or phase transitions where the stack will fall off, this sigil is generally considered to be a waste of frost emblems.

Known issuesEdit

  • The Threat of Thassarian talent causes the player to gain two stacks instead of one for every Rune Strike used while dual wielding. This makes the sigil considerably more useful for a frost tank, as the buff will reach full strength after just three Rune Strikes rather than five.

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