This article or section contains lore taken from the Warcraft RPG books, and thus is not necessarily canon.

After the advent of phlogiston-powered boilers, the first vehicles to be built in Lordaeron and Azeroth were weapons of war — dwarven steam tanks, goblin zeppelins, Horde demolishers. Quick on their heels were vehicles to support weapons and troops at war, and the most versatile of these vehicles has proved to be the siege wagon.

The siege wagon is a boxy vehicle with ironbound wooden wheels, an armored skin and an expansive interior. The inside compartment of the siege wagon carries materiel and troops to the front lines. Then, upon arriving at an encampment, some wagons become field hospitals or kitchens, while others are used as tinkers’ workshops or officers’ headquarters. However, the truly remarkable use of siege wagons requires multiple wagons used in combination. Using troops and a block and tackle, siege wagons can be stacked atop one another and bolted together to form mobile siege towers that can slowly roll up to the outer fortifications of large cities and bring troops within striking distance. Arrow slits in the sides of a siege wagon allow archers to attack in all directions, and ladders leading through hatches in the top and bottom of the vehicle allow for easy transit between stacked siege wagons. Each siege wagon can extend a 20-foot-long and 4-foot-wide plank to allow troops to cross to fortifications.[1] (M&M 190)

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