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This is a page listing loot to be found in the Siege of Niuzao Temple. For information about the instance itself, see Siege of Niuzao Temple.


Boss Cloth Leather Mail Plate
Vizier Jin'bak Equipment slot enhanced-head[Hood of Viridian Residue] (heroic) Equipment slot enhanced-waist[Girdle of Soothing Detonation] (heroic)
Equipment slot enhanced-legs[Sap-Encrusted Legplates] (heroic)
Commander Vo'jak Equipment slot enhanced-wrists[Bombardment Bracers] (heroic) Equipment slot enhanced-chest[Chestwrap of Arcing Flame] (heroic) Equipment slot enhanced-hands[Archer's Precision Grips] (heroic) Equipment slot enhanced-head[Sightfinder Helm] (heroic)
General Pa'valak Equipment slot enhanced-hands[Breezebinder Handwraps] (heroic) Equipment slot enhanced-wrists[Siegeworn Bracers] (heroic)
Wing Leader Ner'onok Equipment slot enhanced-shoulder[Whisperwind Spaulders] (heroic)
Equipment slot enhanced-head[Breezeswept Hood] (heroic)
Equipment slot enhanced-head[Windblast Helm] (heroic) Equipment slot enhanced-waist[Belt of Totemic Binding] (heroic)
Equipment slot enhanced-chest[Galedodger Chestguard] (heroic)
Equipment slot enhanced-feet[Airbender Sandals] (heroic)
Equipment slot enhanced-shoulder[Spaulders of Immovable Stone] (heroic)
Equipment slot enhanced-feet[Anchoring Sabatons] (heroic)
Boss Weapons and Shields Back Other
Vizier Jin'bak Equipment slot enhanced-neck[Engraved Amber Pendant] (heroic)
Equipment slot enhanced-trinket[Flashfrozen Resin Globule] (heroic)
Commander Vo'jak Equipment slot enhanced-weapon[Siege-Captain's Scimitar] (heroic)
General Pa'valak Equipment slot enhanced-weapon[Tempestuous Longbow] (heroic) Equipment slot enhanced-back[Aerial Bombardment Cloak] (heroic) Equipment slot enhanced-trinket[Vial of Ichorous Blood] (heroic)
[A Treatise on Strategy]Quest Avail 16x16 (Heroic-mode)
Wing Leader Ner'onok Equipment slot enhanced-weapon[Ner'onok's Razor Katar] (heroic)
Equipment slot enhanced-weapon[Gustwalker Staff] (heroic)
Equipment slot enhanced-weapon[Tolakesh, Horn of the Black Ox] (Heroic-mode)
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