Shatterspear Pass 1

the fortified start of the passage, as seen while walking/riding from the nearby Ruins of Mathystra.

Shatterspear Pass is a heavily fortified mountainous passage, leading up and through a very narrow ravine that leads up to and through a mountain tunnel (opened after the Cataclysm), that connects Darkshore to the previously sealed off Shatterspear Vale where it ends.

As mentioned above, it is currently heavily fortified with Horde palisades,towers and dotted with troll bodies, while Lor'danel Sentinels patrolls the road and occasionally clashes with ambushing Shatterspear trolls.

Shatterspear Pass 44

the lower section of the pass and the road leading up to the ravine.

Shatterspear Pass

the start of the mountain tunnel, that ends in Shatterspear Vale.

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  • As a "young" low level Alliance adventurer, it is advised to utilize the Nightsaber Rider's transportation found at the Night elf camp in the nearby Ruins of Mathystra, since the hostile Horde mobs cant/won't attack you while doing so and you'll arrive to the vale that much faster, since Mounts aren't available until level 20.

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