Shattered Hand Legionnaires are the objective of the quest Alliance 15 [70] Pride of the Fel Horde (Alliance) and Horde 15 [70] Pride of the Fel Horde (Horde).

Quotes [voiced]

  • Show them no quarter! Form up!
  • Get ready! This shouldn't take long...
  • Form up! Let's make quick work of them!
  • Form ranks and make the intruders pay!
  • Line up, and crush these fools!
  • We must halt their advance! Take your positions!
  • Lok-Narash! Defensive positions!
  • Join the fight! Agrama-ka!
  • Next warrior, step up!
  • Fighter down!
  • Where's my support?
  • Get up!
  • Sleep on your own time!
  • Replacement, quickly!

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