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Phase 1
  • Spell fire fireball  [Immolation Trap]ω ϖ—Hunter-like fire trap.
  • Spell fire fireball  [Crystal prison Trap]ω ϖ—Hunter-like freezing trap.
  • Spell fire fireball  [Hurl Spear]ω ϖ—Throws his spear near Riplimb's location. Deals powerful aoe physical damage in its impact point (3 yd. radius), plus moderate fire aoe damage (50 yd. radius) a bit further. It also creates fire eruptions on floor around its impact point. After hurling the spear, Riplimb will break combat and run to the spear in order to return it to Shannox.
  • Spell fire fireball  [Arcing Slash]ω ϖ—Physical frontal cleave which stacks a powerful debuff on target.

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10 Man strat Keep Shannox and Riplimb a decent ways away from each other so when Shannox throws a spear in range of Riplimb the dog takes a while to return to his master. Rageface is let to run around and should have a dedicated dps that can crit 30,000 damage on command to remove Face Rage Debuff. Raid should stay mildly spread out to avoid traps but stay in between Shannox and Riplimb. The whole fight revolves around the raid avoiding traps for the most part and making sure Rageface's focus target gets heals and off tank doesn't get blown up.

The main problem here is that bringing Shannox down from 30% brings every living hound into a hard enrage (almost sure wipe), and every hound death stacks a soft manageable +30% enrage on Shannox. Because of that, the idea is to avoid the hard enrage by killing both hounds before bringing Shannox down from 30%, but to limit to the least possible the soft enrage time. There are 2 ways to do this:

  • Bring both hounds to 5%, then Shannox down to 35%, kill both hounds quickly and then burn the rest of Shannox's health enduring the twice stacked soft enrage.
  • Some groups kill Rageface first and just endure (which is perfectly feasible) the first soft enrage for the rest of the fight. The rest is the same.

Note: Riplimb is slow-able once it is running with the spear. It is vulnerable to Hamstring, shammie's totems, etc. Off-tank may play a bit with it if properly warned of the Hurl Spear ability, increasing Riplimb's time to get to its master (being always careful not to run into Separation Anxiety). The reason to take so much effort into slowing Riplimb's return with the spear is that doing so, the Jagged Tear debuff has time to fade away from the MT, relieving damage on them.

Note: Shannox will pop up a significant enrage buff (Separation Anxiety) if separed more than 60 yards from any of its hounds. With this buff he gains 100% haste and 100% damage increase, as well as the hound, which means probably a wipe. It will vanish if brought to the proper distance with both his hounds.

Note: The traps can be disarmed while in combat by a rogue, however, doing so causes a 14 second debuff that prevents disarming any more. This can be used to help keep the area around Shannox himself from becoming overcrowded with traps.


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