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Shal'Aran is an ancient elven ruin located in Suramar, some distance northwest of Suramar City (under Meredil) on the Broken Isles. This area acts as a quest hub and is the main base of operations for The Nightfallen faction.



The upper, central chamber of Shal'Aran.

Shal'Aran consists of two levels connected by a spiral staircase, with additional side-chambers on the upper level.

The lower level of Shal'Aran contains a map of Suramar with markers depicting the location of Ley Line waystations throughout the zone. As players activate waystations, the markers light up and more energy is fed into the chamber.

The upper level features a central platform with a special tree called the arcan'dor, which feeds off leyline energy. A side-chamber offers an array of teleportation platforms, gradually activated by players as they explore Suramar.

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