Shahram is a flamewaker that has a chance to be summoned by the [Blackblade of Shahram].

Shahram is bound to the Blackblade of Shahram and can not resist the owner's commands. Still Shahram is not happy with this and does everything he can to break free. Unfortunately for him, the Blackblade must be destroyed if his freedom will ever occur.[1]

Abilities Edit

When Blackblade of Shahram procs, Shahram is summoned. He casts a random spell and then disappears. The spells he can cast are:

  • Curse of Shahram : AE Slow Enemies
  • Might of Shahram : AE Stun Enemies (~5 sec)
  • Fist of Shahram : Group Haste - 25% (~8 sec)
  • Blessing of Shahram : Group restore life/mana (20 sec)
  • Will of Shahram : Self +50 all stats (20 sec)
  • Flames of Shahram : Flamestrike enemies (~100-150 damage)

Trivia Edit

Shahram is named after the Lead Producer Shahram Dabiri who is of Persian origin.


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