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Shadow-Sage Iskar is an Arakkoa formerly cursed by Sethe, he led Arakkoa Outcasts in a battle against Rukhmar. Iskar accepted Gul'dan's offer to regain his flight by using demonic energies in exchange for servitude to the Shadow Council.

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In World of Warcraft, Iskar firstly appears in the town of Aruuna in Talador, disguised as a draenei woman Raksi. He informs an adventurer about an Apexis artificat found in Aruuna Crystal Mine, and the Adherents attacked Aruuna to claim it. After finding the artifact, Iskar drops his disguise, and has destroyed it so that arakkoa won't use it.

Later, Iskar is found at Veil Terokk, in woods of Spires of Arak. Iskar wants to bring Terokk back to physical form, but Reshad thinks that Terokk will just lead the arakkoa further into the darkness.

Iskar accepted to travel to Tanaan Jungle and help the Shadow Council in exchange for the cure of Sethe's curse. Iskar allies himself with Sethekk and forms a base at the Ruins of Kra'nak in order to find Cipher of Damnation. When he found it, Gul'dan fulfilled his promise and restored Iskar's wings. After that, Iskar is tasked to gather the felsworn arakkoa into an army. Reshad and the Order of the Awakened found about Iskar's deeds. He is eventually killed in Hellfire Citadel.


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