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1/7/2009 - Overhauling the page for Wrath. Moradon

4/7/2006 - Decided to start work on revamping this page from it's current, very empty, space. Nemo

Guild Server List

At the moment, I've decided only to list Ragnaros killing guilds. Good idea? Did I miss anything? Please leave a comment here with changes you've made, or changes you'd like to see made, and I'll get on it. Thanks! Nemo

I have removed the "Top Guilds" listing from the main realm page. The listing is out of date and with dual-path raiding in Wrath is no longer as straight-forward as I would like. This information can all be obtained via the full PvE progression charts that are provided via links anyway. Disagree? Moradon

Server issues

Firetree is well know for being one of the least stable realms in all of wow; it goes down 2-3 times per week more than other realms and gets server wide mass player disconnects and lag spikes on almost a daily basis. i think this should be mentioned, at least noted as a warning to new players.

August 25, 06

Added my guild (Shadow)


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