January 2012 Update

I updated my own server page and decided to take a look at other pages in my battlegroup, since I've probably run into the general population before as both Darrowmere Horde and Vashj Alliance.

Along with introducing the template, I felt that this page needed a general statistics update, as well as a brief introduction.

The changes made to the guild lists are meant to reflect the most current statistics: - PVE guilds that are actively progressing in 4.3 content - PVP guilds with an end season rating > 1000 - Leveling guilds with a lead in overall guild activity, but without end game progression in this expansion.

If you feel your guild was overlooked, I don't claim to be an authority in any capacity on this server. Although the lists have been occasionally updated (the same can not be said for most of those in Whirlwind), they had not been since the release of 4.3.

Evigilo (talk) 22:31, January 22, 2012 (UTC)

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