EOE: The real story

Someone needs to Update this Wiki. Aerie Peak. Specifically from the vanilla progression days.

My name is Nightsilver, i was in the guild Echoes of Eternity. I am posting this in hopes that i can set the record straight and clear up confusion on this wiki page, because its very outdated. 

First off, Lux Aeterna wasnt even a guild in Vanilla wow. Lux was formed by the dissolving of EOE and merged with Avalon. HellGoddess is/was the GM of Lux, but the guild itself formed first week of Burning Crusade. Avalon and EOE were seperate guilds, and fierce rivals in Vanilla. 

As far as EOE is concerned, we were server first for all raids except for Cthun, which Avalon took by a few minutes. I was there and we were in each others ventrillo servers, monitoring progress. 

My memory is very strong and as with anything though, has to be taken on merit/hearsay until confirmed/validated

Here is what progression looked like for EOE for aerie peak in 2006:

Server opened Jun 16th 2006. I rolled on day 3 of server. I leveled in 2.5 weeks. The night i dinged 60, i clearly remember i was still wearing SM blues and greens. EOE invited me to guild. We formed a raid and went into ZG. We cleared ZG that same night. 

That same week, we went into MC and cleared up to Ragnaros but did not kill him. We used the raid soft lockout (trash respawns in 30 min) to farm materials and had the guild mass farm to craft all the FR gear we needed to kill Rag. 

The following reset we were interested in doing Razorgore, since we had heard that he was doable, if you had a good strat. So we went into BWL, and after about 6 wipes, we downed Razorgore. Nightsilver (my toon) has the server first t2 bracers from that kill.

So then we went and got world buffs, and went back to MC and cleared up to Rag, and were able to kill Ragnaros that night. (2nd reset of MC for us)

Later we cleared all other raid content, including server first Nefarion Kill, and Green Dragons, and cleared all way up to Cthun (with Avalon trading server first kills, for some bosses between EOE and Avalon) and lost out to Avalon at the end.

Primal was GM of EOE. But EOE  began to crumble, and after a few weeks the guild died off, leaving only just a handful of people left.

This was 2 or 3 weeks prior to BC launch. Avalon offered to merge Avalon and the remaining people in EOE to form a new guild...Lux Aeterna for BC.

Lux formed first week of BC and i continued raiding and there's more story there, but all my main points have been made regarding Vanilla.

So If someone can back up this story/knows of these events and wants to edit this wiki and re-add EOE to the progression list, I would greatly appreciate it. 


We're Alive

Geriatric Ward is definitely still playing. We're the Horde WoW arm of a large multi-game team. We're a small, friendly group, targeting casual play, and are not racing towards end game.

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Thanks for weighing in! Newb protocols that I don't know (like the one you mentioned) are why I was avoiding the big scary delete button. ;)

Anaea 17:27, 21 November 2006 (EST)

I know what you mean. I haven't used the wiki in awhile and I'm sure my howto's on the realm forum have scrolled away long ago, so I had to do a bit of research to remember how to insert my sig. I inserted my guild link above by copying and pasting from the main page. If others have good links to editing tips, please feel free to add links here!

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Avoiding Responsibility

Several of the Alliance guilds seem outdated or defunct:

  • Aether Flux is, apparently, on Undermine server (This is true, Deleted ~Celwine)
  • Echoes of Eternity disbanded
  • Faceless Demise is a bad link, possibly disbanded
  • Synergy has been renamed?
  • The Darkness Within is a bad link
  • Relentless appears twice
  • Zeta is a bad link, and appears twice
  • War Angels is a bad link

Several of the Horde guilds appear to be in similar straits:

  • Dark Empire is, apparently, on Echo Isles server
  • Delirium is a bad link
  • Eternal Storm is a bad link, and I believe has disbanded
  • Geriatric Ward - possibly not Warcraft related?!
  • Sindrome resolves to Delirium, which is a bad link
  • Xtreme is a bad link (suspended?)

I'll delete the doubles, but I want to let the guild masters have a little time to edit and/or update their sites before I take the plunge and remove the old content.

Anaea 17:25, 21 November 2006 (EST)


I love sandboxes :)

I've updated the Avalon info page with our Guild Charter. Hopefully that adds some content to this excellent resource!

Guild Progression

I built a whole guild progression page that i will keep updated. Any comments or suggestions let me know.



If you notice that a guild is no longer together (disbanded) you are more then welcome to delete them. The page is getting quite big and i only expect it to get bigger. I am currently working on a platform to make Kara slightly smaller if I can.


Additional Resources

Hola, Aerie Peak wikiers. A friend has recently put together a website for her realm, and as I was poking around in it I thought they had some good ideas that we could incorporate here on our wiki page. Here's the reference material: Skywall Realm.

Some of the particular items I liked:

  • links to server-characters' websites & videos
  • economy information (not that I'd know where to find an "objective" description of that)
  • brief history of the realm (also, no idea who'd want to write such a thing)

In trying to think of what a prospective Aerie Peak-er would be interested, those seemed like good bits of information to have on our wiki page. I'm also checking with the creators of Wow Dailies to see if they have a realm landing page that we could link here. Any other thoughts or opinions on useful resources you'd like to see added here?

Check out the banner added at the top of the Talk page about the new server template. It looks like it has hooks for many of the things in place, and you might want to request hooks for the additional resources listed here. ScratchMonkey 22:24, 29 April 2008 (UTC)

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