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Zuluhed is an Eastern Standard Time realm launched Monday, March 20th, 2006. It is currently a low population transferable realm.

Some small facts about Zuluhed is that couple months after its launched date it peaked at a high population size. The population didn't stay for long and slowly began to decrease, by the time The Burning Crusade was release the population on Zuluhed had reached an all time low.

The server was then declared for new players in early 2007. During the following years Zuluhed has experienced a number of population changes, and achieved a medium population status in late 2008. This second increase in population was also not long lasting.

Following the release of Cataclysm, Zuluhed started losing its population once again and as of November 2012 it reached yet another all time low by having a new players status once again. It would seem that with every new expansion the server gains a substantial increase in population perhaps because of the many players seeking to achieve a realm first for raiding.

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