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Wildhammer (PvE, EU)

Wildhammer is a European PvE server. The playerbase on Wildhammer mostly consisting of people that have migrated to Wildhammer from Terenas, Turalyon, Thunderhorn and several other servers. Wildhammer was opened originally as an overflow server for Arathor. It commenced service in mid-Summer 2006.

Wildhammer Forum

While there have been discussions concerning the possibility to create a forum away from Blizzards less than reliable servers, the realm forums remain at the official World of Warcraft forums.

PVE Progress

Raid progress information for wildhammer is currently kept at this forum thread


Guild list taken from thread on realm forum - Guilds on Wildhammer

Horde 15 Horde
Alliance 15 Alliance

My Girlfriend had a

Artimis from the guild BIO started the forum trend My Girlfriend had a

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