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Wildhammer (PvE, EU) Edit

Wildhammer is a European PvE server. The playerbase on Wildhammer mostly consisting of people that have migrated to Wildhammer from Terenas, Turalyon, Thunderhorn and several other servers. Wildhammer was opened originally as an overflow server for Arathor. It commenced service in mid-Summer 2006.

Wildhammer Forum Edit

While there have been discussions concerning the possibility to create a forum away from Blizzards less than reliable servers, the realm forums remain at the official World of Warcraft forums.

PVE Progress Edit

Raid progress information for wildhammer is currently kept at this forum thread

Guilds Edit

Guild list taken from thread on realm forum - Guilds on Wildhammer

Horde 15 Horde Edit
  • Army of Darkness
  • Anarchy
  • Awakening
  • BeerLords
  • Blood Shadows (CZ/SVK guild) website
  • Caern Morghen (Polish) website
  • Cataclyzm
  • Circulus Amicus
  • Chaotic Intent
  • Descent
  • Dominator website
  • Eclipse
  • Exitium
  • Friendly Playerz
  • Gone Fishing
  • Immanence website
  • Infamy website
  • INSANE website
  • Iso Kolmonen (Finnish) website
  • Jocke Tjäder
  • Kohmelo (Finnish) website
  • Limes Inferior
  • Lux Perpetua (Polish) website
  • Me So Hordy
  • Made in sweden website
  • Mieron Tietäjät (Finnish) website
  • No skill just luck website
  • Nuké Skull
  • Offline
  • Ølspillet
  • Onyx
  • Project Evolution (Turkish) website
  • Ravenswing
  • Scoia tael (Polish) website
  • Silent Era
  • Slackers Inc website
  • Svenska Eliten
  • The Burning Madness (Polish) website
  • The Gathering
  • The Hounds of Shadow
  • THERION website
Alliance 15 Alliance Edit

PVP PlayersEdit

In Vanilla and then in The Burning Crusade Wildhammer PVP was dominated by players on Alliance such server legends included Lundriel (Rogue), Cauladin (Druid), Vaeltaja (Paladin/Warrior), Babilons (Druid), Pukki (Mage), Skent (Rogue), Xecutor (Warrior), Kurnazvasak (Paladin), Nyshe (Warlock). And also the famous JanosGylphe (Warrior) played as horde during TBC.

With the Arrivial of WoTLK this brought some more PVP names such as Nerox (Priest), Bamf (Shaman), Drama (Druid), Supercharged (Mage), Requiem (Rogue), Treller (Rogue).

In this time most of the PVP players made the Faction Change to Horde.

Onto Cataclysm and this is were even more fresh faced players made their mark on the server; these included, Davidek (Paladin), Elf (Druid), Kanamechan (Death Knight), Drama (Rogue), Jeten (Mage), Viking (Warlock), Bognot (Shaman), Zalam (Shaman), Oldog (Warlock), Haunt (Warrior), Zashz (Priest).

Druing Cataclysm was the time when Wildhammer was not just a backwater PVE server in the BattleGroup. With Ratted Battleground ratings higher than most servers in Europe not to mention the BattleGroup, several players achieved Top 50 in the Rated Battle Ground Ladders and had the awards and titles to show for it. In addition to this was the highly successful Arena Progress being made by many of the players, including several at Gladiator rankings.

With continued progress the sever became known as a top venue for serious PVP players, including forming a first functional PVP guild.

After some guild issues the leader of the guild Drama left Handsome Boy Modeling and went to Grim Batol, several players including Elf, Davidek, Kanamechan, Zashz and more went with him.

Some Players went to Stormscale and Outland in order to find the same levels of PVP they once had.

Many of the players mentioned have long since left the game.

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