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Named for the prophet who has led the Draenei since their flight from Argus, Velen is a PvE server in the Retaliation Battlegroup. Velen was added during the release of Burning Crusade, and has quickly grown to a Medium population server, which it has remained through the release of Wrath of the Lich King.

The Population

Velen was opened during the launch of Burning Crusade. However, free transfers to Velen were offered between 2/26/08 and 3/04/08 from the Area 52, Arygos, Ghostlands, Hellscream and Zul'jin realms, bringing an influx of experienced pre-BC players to the realm, and bringing Velen to medium population status.

Mornings are often quiet on Velen, providing an ideal time for solo questing, rep grinding and farming without interruption. The server's peak time tends to be from 7:00 PM - Midnight Eastern Standard Time, which is the server's time. Sever queues are nonexistent, even on peak times, and lag never an issue.


There are active raiding guilds on Velen.

A list of active raiding guilds and current levels of progress can be found here:

Player vs Player

Being primarily a PvE realm, Velen PvP is quiet and casual.

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