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Uldum is a PvP server that opened together with other Spanish servers in August 2006.

Our realm currently has a low population, and it's considered recomended. You can spect then no queues nor high lattencies.

Uldum entrance

Gate of Uldum

The namesake for our realm is the titan vault of Uldum, located in southern Tanaris.


Alliance 32 Alliance guilds

Guild Focus Site IRC Additional notes
Ánima PvE Yes No Top PvE guild of Alliance side
Dark Winds PvE Yes No Social guild involved in PvE
Fire Dreams PvE No No No
Manada de Lobos PvE/PvP Yes No No
Wärlords PvP No No No

Horde 32 Horde guilds

Guild Focus Site IRC Additional notes
Acechadores nocturnos PvE Yes No No
Brutal Team PvE Yes No No
Dándolo Todo PvE Yes No No
Hellraiser PvE Yes No No
Pirates PvP Yes No No
Pride PvP Yes No Friendly guild focused on PvP
Sunshine PvE Yes No No
Sweet Hell PvP Yes No Social guild centred on clashes PvP and other aspects of PvP
Tirisfal Pumpkins PvE No No Disbanded
Warhalla PvE Yes No Top PvE guild of the Realm.

PvE raiding progress (Top 7)

Note: Last update: 07.05.08 @ 23:00
Pos Guild Gruul Mag SSC TK MH BT SP World Bosses
1 Horde 15 Warhalla Complete Complete 06.12.07 30.12.07 17.02.08 20.04.08 1/6 Doomwalker, Kazzak
2 Horde 15 Brutal Team Complete Complete 04.12.07 13.01.08 04.03.08 8/9 0/6 Doomwalker, Kazzak
3 Alliance 15 Ánima Complete Complete 15.01.08 19.02.08 13.04.08 19.05.08 0/6 Doomwalker
4 Horde 15 Sunshine Complete Complete 29.01.08 11.03.08 24.04.08 4/9 0/6 Doomwalker, Kazzak
5 Alliance 15 Dark Winds Complete Complete 04.02.08 16.03.08 22.04.08 3/9 0/6 -
6 Alliance 15 Nexus Complete Complete Complete 18.03.08 4/5 6/9 0/6 -
7 Alliance 15 Fire Dreams Complete Complete 04.02.08 3/4 2/5 2/9 0/6 -
Note: Only 25-man raid instances and outdoor bosses included.
Note: Ranking is based on:

1 - Number of boss kills in the current hardest instance.
2 - If (1) is equal, number of boss kills in the next hardest instance (and so on).
3 - If (1) and (2) are equal, the exact time the last boss was killed determines which is ranked before the other.

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