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RP-PvPTwisting Nether

Realm Opened: 14-September-2005

Region: United States

Server Type: RP-PVP (Role Playing-Plaver v. Player)

Timezone: Central

Name Origin: Twisting Nether

Gates of Ahn'Qiraj: Open

Scourge Invasion: Defended

Roleplaying Community Edit

Twisting Nether, now connected with Ravenholdt, has a fairly active roleplaying community. The community is very friendly, and most of the roleplayers will interact with newcomers.

The Twisting Nether roleplaying community is also kept alive through the use of The Gazette, a small and independent website run by Villayna, powered by the community. The Gazette was featured in the World of Warcraft Community Spotlight in November of 2006.

An RP-guild listing is provided on Twisting Nether Gazette. This list is maintained by the community, and is not a comprehensive list of all roleplaying guilds on the server.

Guilds Edit

-Role Playing Guilds-


The Grim (Heavy RP-PvP) -

Third Faction (RP-PVP) -

Frostwolf Brotherhood (Heavy RP-PvP) -

The Dragonhawk Brigade (RP-PvE) -

The Stormwolf (Heavy RP) -

The Brotherhood of the Tusk (RP) -

KORE Enterprises (RP-PvP-PvE) -


Order of the Redblade (RP) -,

Rooks (PvE-PvP-RP) -

The Sword of the Morning (RP) -

The MECH Empire (RP-PvP-PvE) -

Praetorian Guard (RP-PvP) -

The Dusk Watch (RP-PvP) -

The Inglorious (RP-PvP) -

The Seventy Third (RP-PvP)

Fabled Order (RP) -

Royal Shakestaff Company (RP)

Communication Channels: Edit

Both Factions:

/join RP - The Horde and Alliance's OOC channels for roleplay networking.

Raid Progression Edit

Blizzard's Twisting Nether forum thread to track kills.

GuildOx's Twisting Nether tracker.

Guild Progress' Twisting Nether tracker.

WoWProgress' Twisting Nether tracker.