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General Information

Not one of the original servers when WoW launched in Europe. It was opened the 27/09/2005 for migration purposes. The servers location is Frankfurt 2.


The realm is an international (English as spoken language) European Player versus Player realm. The population of the realm is "Full" and is "Locked" on evenings with a major queue of 100s to 1750. An estimated ratio among Alliance and Horde is 95% to the Horde, 4 % to the Alliance and 1% non of the above "Pandaren Pre choosing Faction".

PvE & PvP

The community consists of 50 to 60 ranked PvE Guilds (from casual to hardcore) and a few Guildless players. From these Guilds 95% is Horde and 4% is Alliance. There are hardly any Guilds specialized in PvP at all on Twisting Nether. In other words. Do you really want to join a horde biased server? 

Origins of the players

The majority of the players on Twisting Nether live in the Northern Europe. About 30% lives in the Netherlands, around 20% in the United Kingdom, about 20% in Sweden, followed by Denmark and Finland (each around 7%), a few from Hungary and the rest (only about 10%) lives in other countries. It is highly populated by the Turkish subscriber community with the influence of the Catastrophe guild.

Realm name lore

Twisting Nether WoW

"The realm takes it`s name from the Twisting Nether, which is a green belt of "nether" that connects the different mortal worlds, and where the infinite numbers of the burning legion currently resides"

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