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'Time Gnomes' is a machinima production by Witty Wizard, created and copyrighted by Canadian Robert Moran, also called Rurikar. There will be 10 episodes, one every Friday until Blizzcon.

Plot Edit

In the year 2022, WoW had just released its seventh expansion pack, a total of 28 CDs. Three gnomes, Mojache the Mage, Steve (assumed to be a Warrior, though possibly mage]), and Jimmy the Mage, from the Server:Trollbane stumbled across a quest from the fourth expansion pack, but with a new reward. The reward was a 'powerful plot-device whistle', kinda like in Super Mario Brothers 3, that allowed them to travel back to the year 2007. These level 99 Hero class Gnomes have 15 extra years of game knowledge, and abilities and spells that were not really unique to the game but looked totally-kind-of-awsome. these three gnomes formed a Guild, they wanted the name 'Funky Town', but some other jerks took that name so they chose 'Time Gnomes' instead. Mojache, thinking that the show had a stupid plot that was not as good as their previous work, Jimmy: The World of Warcraft Story, decides to quit. To replace Mojache, the group holds auditions. A warrior in tier 3 who dances and sings about epics, a goblin hunter, a naked night elf (Thrown in because controversial movies do not have to have good storylines), and the villain, a rogue named Ming, who refuses to talk to anyone with less than 2300 arena ranking, all try for the part and fail. For cutting him out of the plot, Ming vows revenge. Later, a talking Siamese, named Prof. Twinkelbottom, sends them to liberate Stormwind from the horrors of Ming. Ming captures them and reveals his evil plan is to use the Kunuck cannon to change all the mage's place of residence to Alberta, Canada, making them unable to qualify for arena tournaments, destroying the class. When it was pointed out to them that Mages are only for raiding and giving impolite people food and water, he decides to just delete all of them. Then the gnomes use an over-powered but under-used racial ability to escape their bondage. They then mention WoWWiki.

On August 18th, 2007 Episode 3 was released and the creator of Time Gnomes (Witty Wizard) stated that the series is probably at an end.

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