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Tarren Mill

Tarren Mill is a European PvP server named after one of the most famous locations in World of Warcraft, the Horde questhub of Tarren Mill in Hillsbrad Foothills, which was the location of almost all of the world PvP in the early days of the game.


Tarren Mill originally opened as a "Migration Server" in June 2006 for mass migrations from Deathwing Europe, Skullcrusher Europe and Dunemaul Europe, though it has since been joined by migrations from elsewhere. Not many leveled their main character from 1-60 here and most of the guilds who migrated in had cleared or had almost cleared most of the level 60 raid content up to at least Blackwing Lair. The gates to Ahn'Qiraj were open from day one of Tarren Mill being online as they had already been opened on the two realms people were migrating in from.

PvE ProgressEdit

The Burning Crusade PvE Progress can be tracked here. Progress was initially dominated by the Alliance guild Never Ending, who scored server first kills on every boss in Serpentshrine Cavern, Tempest Keep, Hyjal Summit and Black Temple. However, Never Ending had problems with the release of Sunwell Plateau and many core members (including the Guild Master) left the guild just three bosses later. In Sunwell Plateau, Horde guilds Century Tribe and Huhuholics and Alliance guild Ender all achieved server firsts. After Patch 3.0 went live and before WotLK was launched, the following guilds had slain Kil'jaeden: Huhuholics (H), Fallout (H), Fused Has Fans (H), SinisteR (A), Pixels (A), Northwind Gale (A) and Elite Order (A).

Wrath of the Lich King PvE Progress can be tracked here. By 24/11/2008, Alliance guild SinisteR had achieved server firsts on every boss in Obsidian Sanctum, Naxxramas and Eye of Eternity.

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