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Stormrage is an old server, open on the original release of World of Warcraft. As of July 2013, login queues are expected during peak hours almost every day of the week, sometimes lasting up to two hours during normal raid times Tuesday through Thursday. As a result of these queues, many raiding guilds opt to schedule their main raids other days or later times. An average 20-man guild begins raids at midnight, and the other top raiding guilds (10 and 25-man) start at 8pm server time or later, avoiding most of the lag and login queues. It is common for the server to experience such severe lag on Tuesday evening during an Oondasta or Galleon kill that Stormrage crashes for up to an hour.

Stormrage is famous for its lack of Horde characters and alarming Alliance-to-Horde ratio, currently almost 12:1. [1] This is the highest A:H ratio among the US servers, comparable to the H:A ratio on Illidan and Mal'Ganis.

This is the #1 Alliance-dominated and #1 US-PvE server. [2]

The server now has an active Alliance to Horde ration of 28.3:1. [3]

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