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RPSteamwheedle Cartel

RP PvE Server. Server started March 20th 2006.

Meaning of the Server Name: The name of the Server is based off of the Steamwheedle Cartel Faction which consists of Booty Bay, Everlook, Gadgetzan and Ratchet.

This Server is Eastern Standard Time (EST)


The "official" Steamwheedle Cartel IRC Channel can be found at [1]


25 Man Heroic Raid Dungeons




Eye of Eternity

Obsidian Sanctum

Vault of Archavon

Alliance 32 Alliance Guild Progress

Overall Rank Guild Naxxramas Eye of Eternity Obsidian Sanctum Vault of Archavon
1st Pantheon Cleared Cleared Cleared(3D) Cleared
2nd Natural Order Cleared Cleared Cleared(3D) Cleared
3rd Ethos Cleared Cleared Cleared(3D) Cleared
4th Aftermath Cleared Cleared Cleared(2D) Cleared
5th Myrmidons Cleared Cleared Cleared(2D) Cleared

Horde 32 Horde Guild Progress

Overall Rank Guild Naxxramas Eye of Eternity Obsidian Sanctum Vault of Archavon
1st Honorbound Cleared Cleared Cleared(3D) Cleared
2nd Paradigm Cleared Cleared Cleared(3D) Cleared
3rd Crimson Blood Clan Cleared Cleared Cleared(3D) Cleared
4th Solstice Cleared Cleared Cleared(3D) Cleared
5th Uroborus Cleared Cleared Cleared(2D) Cleared

10 Man Raid Dungeons



Vault of Archavon

Obsidian Sanctum


Eye of Eternity

Alliance 32 Alliance Guild Progress

Overall Rank Guild Naxxramas Eye of Eternity Obsidian Sanctum Vault of Archavon
1st Pantheon Cleared Cleared Cleared(3D) Cleared
2nd Natural Order Cleared Cleared Cleared(2D) Cleared
3rd Velocity Cleared Cleared Cleared(2D) Cleared
4th Ethos Cleared Cleared Cleared(2D) Cleared
5th Aftermath Cleared Cleared Cleared(1D) Cleared


PVE Guilds

Ranks are Based off Wowjutsu infomation (Yes i do know that it does get buggy) (*)Denotes infomation over a week old If you do not show a ranking and would like to be ranked please go to Wowjutsu and complete a inquiry into your character or guild

Alliance Guilds

Guild Website Armory Server Rank US Rank World Rank
Alkahest [Witheld] Armory 26 11350 24441
Catalyst Website Armory
Commoner Website Armory
Ethos Website Armory 6 2799 6455
Guardians of the Light Website Armory
Indomitable Website Armory 50 16870 34896
Jaded Souls Website Armory 19 7687 16989
Knights of Dalaran Website Armory *14 *6212 *14233
Natural Order Website Armory 5 2729 6304
Pantheon Website Armory 1 268 638
Prophecy Website Armory 11 4519 10327
Random Acts of Violence Armory 13 5619 12792
Silver Fern Website Armory
Slightly Askew Armory *24 *10065 *22302
The Knights of Valor Website Armory 27 10477 23028
Thunderbrew Guard Website Armory
Unity Website Armory *17 *7174 *16347
VenoMyth Website Armory 56 18531 37821

Horde Guilds

Guild Website Armory Server Rank US Rank World Rank
Crimson Blood Clan Website Armory 8 4024 9259
Da Mojo Website Armory 62 19354 39253
Natural Twenty Website Armory 14 6193 13916
Enigmatic Legion Website Armory
Honorbound Website Armory 2 551 1315
Martyr's Blood Website Armory 15 6677 15279
Paradigm Website Armory 3 2169 5081
Uroborus Website Armory *25 *10348 *22810
Vertigo Website Armory 12 5492 12531
Hell Shadow Website Armory 31 12906 27522

PVP Guilds

Guild Webpage Faction
Deranged Website Horde

RP Guilds

>>>>>RP Guilds are to Come, Working on a suitable way to showcase them<<<<<<

Guild Website Description
Argentum OrdoAlliance 32 Website Neutral Good Aligned - Med-Heavy RP in Guild Chat
AwakenedAlliance 32 Website
ChevaliersAlliance 32 Website Neutral Good Aligned- Med-Heavy RP events, Guild Chat PvP and Arena teams
ConvictionAlliance 32 Website
E R AAlliance 32 Website Mercenaries, Med-Heavy RP in guild chat
Demolition SquadAlliance 32 Website
Dragon BornAlliance 32 Website
FalloutAlliance 32 Website
Scions of DarknessAlliance 32 Website Form of Political RP, studies
Stormwind CollegeAlliance 32 Website Friendly rp guild that hosts public events for all.
The Hammer of MagniAlliance 32 Website
The Karazhan Opera SocietyAlliance 32 Website A well mannered community of noble patrons for the preservation of the dramatic arts.
The Rose CadaverAlliance 32 Website
The TemplarAlliance 32 Website
The VanguardAlliance 32 Website
WatchmenAlliance 32 Website
Crimson CloudsHorde 32 Website
Ferrous FaireHorde 32 Website Some raiding, rp, and pvp.
Hell ShadowHorde 32 Website Some raiding, rp, and pvp.
Ordo Draconis Website Heavy RP PVP oriented
Skulldance ClanHorde 32 Website Some raiding, rp, and pvp.
SteadfastHorde 32 Website Some raiding, rp, and pvp.
The UnbrokenHorde 32 Website
Warpath TribeHorde 32 Website Some raiding, rp, and pvp.

Disbanded Guilds


Members of the Horde

Members of the Alliance



  • March 21, 2006: Steamwheedle Cartel opens its doors to new births in Azeroth.
  • June 12, 2006: Regardless of the War Effort, several Alliance raids into the Barrens finally set Mordread and Stormstrider into retaliation. As the final rays of sunlight dimmed, the First Battle of Ashenvale had begun. It lasted for five or six hours continuously, and saw some of the most bitter fighting in recent memory.
  • July 06, 2006: The server opened for transfers from other servers (included PvE and PvP) causing a lot of talk on the boards and a lot of animosity from both sides.
  • Sept 06, 2006: The Advent, using a transfer who completed all but the very final step of the Sceptre of the Shifting Sands on another server, opens the Gates of Ahn'Qiraj with the help of Enders and Dreadstorm.
  • Sept 20, 2006: To Celebrate the 6 Month Mark of Steamwheedle Cartel being open, Maia organized a Hero Festival, with the help of her guild, Argent Exodus and various volunteers from both the Alliance and Horde. The Hero Festival consisted of a Hero Auction, Dueling Tournament, Tales of Heroism and Adventure, and, of course, plenty of Food and Drink. The Festival was held in Ratchet, as neutral ground for both the Alliance and Horde.
  • October 28, 2006: Keruptis Sa'Diablo hosts the Hallow's End Bash at the Deadwind Pass Crypt.
  • On November 18, 2006, Keruptis Sa'Diablo, in an effort to exterminate Griffonclaw, lured him to the Gurubashi Arena to put him to death. The Dark One was defeated. However, as the dust settled, the fragile pact between Alliance and the Horde broke down and returned to a state of distrust. Movie: Bittersweet Symphony


  • January 08, 2007: The Dark Portal opens and the Burning Legion pours forth into Azeroth.
  • October 19, 2007: Dance of the Dead, Undead festivel at the Caer Darrow. Not to long ago, the citizens of the Caer Darrow hosted a great annual Harvest celebration and feast. Time and fate has twisted the Caer Darrow, however the undead citizens of Azeroth still remember these celebrations, and continue to carry on the traditions there...abit twisted. The highlight of this event is a 'Grand Hunt' where prisoners of the Forsaken are set free into the wilds of the Plaguelands for the Forsaken to hunt.
  • December 29, 2007: Raveholdt hosts a Midnight Winter Gala for thier allies - blending Horde and Allaince together socially for an evening of activities.


  • February 04, 2008: Illidan Stormrage, the Betrayer, was slain for the first time on the server.
  • March 25, 2008: The fight for the Sunwell began. Both the Aldor and the Scryers laid down their arms, and formed The Shattered Sun Offensive.
  • March 28, 2008: The Shattered Sun Offensive took control of the Sun's Reach Sanctum, on the Isle of Quel'Danas.
  • April 04, 2008: The Shattered Sun Offensive took control of the Sun's Reach Armory, on the Isle of Quel'Danas.

Former Steamwheedle Cartel Grand Marshal/High Warlord List

Herein is a list of both Alliance and Horde members who worked, slaved and grinded for months to achieve the ultimate rank in PVP before the 2.0.1 Patch. For your hard work and effort, we /salute you:

Alliance (Grand Marshal)

  • Tigris <Conviction> [Night Elf Hunter] - August 22nd 2006
  • Solas <Enigma> [Night Elf Druid] - Sept 5th 2006
  • Winters <Enigma> [Human Rogue] - Sept 12th 2006
  • Atrocitas <Valhalla> [Night Elf Druid] - Sept 26th 2006
  • Shadowlands <Conviction> [Gnome Rogue] - Oct 3rd 2006
  • Aildiin <Argent Exodus> [Dwarf Warrior] October 17th 2006
  • Jeanhur <Apex> [Human Paladin] November 11th 2006

Horde (High Warlord)

  • Dux <Deranged> [Tauren Hunter] - July 5th 2006
  • Drevyn <Deranged> [Orc Shaman] - July 26th 2006
  • Jarlaxle <Deranged> [Undead Rogue] - August 29th-Sept 5th 2006
  • Daedro <Deranged> [Undead Priest] - Sept 12th 2006
  • Chydaz <Deranged> [Tauren Shaman] - Oct 3rd 2006
  • Occulte <Annihilus> [Undead Rogue] - Oct 3rd 2006
  • Hodor <Annihilus> [Orc Warrior] - Oct 3rd 2006


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War Effort Status

YE Olde Guild Info

Alliance Coalitions

  • The Council - a loosely organized group of Alliance guilds currently organizing role-play and dungeon events.

Alliance Guilds

Guild Name Website /PvE/PvP/RP/
Argent ExodusURL
Argentum OrdoURLRP
Brotherhood of the StagURL
Demolition SquadURL
Dragons Elite
Golden HandURLRP
Hammer of MagniURL
House of NoldrassilURL
Infinite AscensionURL
Librarians of Lore
The Knights of Valor
Ladies of DestinyURL
Legio InfernalisURL
Pantheon BloodlineURLPvE
Patronus Veritas
Sacrosanct Legion
The Crimson Horizon
Scions of Darkness
Shadowgate Sentinels
The Thunderbrew Guard
The VanguardRP
Tormented Souls
Universal Exports
Veiled Sea Pirates
Lux in Tenebris

Horde Guilds

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