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Personal Information Edit

Name: Zingishidu

Nicknames: Crazy Troll

Current Titles: Vagabond

Current Occupation: Vagabond

Race: Troll

Age: Not sure his sanity is fractured therefore, it is unlikely he even knows.

Class: Shaman Enhancement (since the death of many friends)

Sex: Male

Skin: Blue

Hair: Bald

Height: Bigger than you

'== Personal Information =='

Brief Physical Description: His face always oddly painted with marking of that looks to be a vastly of that of insanity. He constantly smells of burnt air because of his vast use of lightning. Slender with big tusks (which is known to be a sign for insanity in trolls).

Brief Personality Description: Insane as most see him. he's at the point where he just got enough sanity to get the job done but not much for else. Rarely does his make a lot of sense and is generally has a distaste for Paladins and Gnomes. His playing with draconic magic only made this worse.

Goals and motivators: He generally motivated by himself and the spirits that talk to him. Shell-shocked then angered caused him to come closer to the edge as he slays all pallies and gnomes he can. Very few of them get disregarded. He saw a few to many casualties back in the days when he reached the rank of an officer.

Passionate about the war: The temperaments of the war has no bearing on his feeling. He's gone quite mad after his days of war. Sanity is something he is on the last threads of a very thin rope.

A typical quote from your character: RIDE THE LIGHTNING

History Ever Since the day Thrall called for service and the war broke out, Zingishidu pushed his religion learning all he could from the Spirits. He was the first Troll shaman to reached status of Elder Shaman since Thall's command was instilled. He then severely aided the War efforts in keeping the alliance at bay. He progressed through the ranks with several fellow Horde, but yet they all met a grim end. After reaching the 3rd rank into Officer's barracks He recessed into a deep religious overview with the Spirits. Upon coming back he found that many of his fellow Officer's (most from Dark Element) had been slain. This is the moment attributed with Majority of the reason for him being so crazy

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