On August 9, 2008 a mischievous druid decided to pull Terokk into Shattrath city on the realm Steamwheedle Cartel. This happened in the early afternoon and after terrorizing the city was kited out to Terokkar, then Zangarmarsh, and eventually Shattrath again. At around midnight realm time Terokk, with A'dal in pursuit, had been successfully kited out of Shattrath once more. A'dal chased Terokk all the way to the Hellfire Peninsula border, at which point he despawned. Terokk continued to follow the lead of Rnoblivion and Oakenbough until he reached Honor Hold, where he killed a few guards. He was led out of Honor Hold and led down the path of glory to the dark portal, where he despawned at 1:43 AM.

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