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Sueno grew up in and around Astranaar with her mother and younger sister, Stream while thier father was still away in the Dreaming. She was still rather young and horribly inexperienced when a raiding party of Horde attacked their village. Her mother instructed her to take her sister and run, and run they did, to the Shrine of Aessina where they watched hidden in the shadows as their home was attacked. Wanting to help, but knowing they would be useless in the fight, she watched in horror as sentinels defended the terrible attack, forced to helplessly watch as their mother was struck down, beaten, and brutalized by a hunter with a monstrous axe. Frozen in shock, she hadn't noticed her sister jumping into the waters to race after their mother. Stream's passionate attack was never even noticed as she was knocked down and trampled into unconsciousness by a wolf nearly as large as she that was in pursuit of a different prey. Sueno was able to sneak and pull her sister back to safety before anyone noticed, but their lives were shattered.

Stream later went into training as a warrior protecting their home in Astranaar and north to the shores of Auberdine, and though they have seen each other in passing from time to time, their individual work and their differing ideals kept them apart more often than not. Sueno had come to accept that hers was a life meant to be lived alone.

Leaving her home in the forests, Sueno went exploring her world around her, quietly observing the differing creatures, sometimes running for her life when she dared to get too close. She took to this life with an amazing enthusiasm, squealing with joy at each new mountain climbed, or standing in awe of ancient forests she had scarcely imagined could be possible. In searching for a place where she could turn for strength and guidance in the time of uncertainty ahead, she found herself guided to Moonglade and the great Cenarian Circle. After some months of volunteering her services in the glade in exchange for a place to sleep and food gathered from the glade, Sueno was sent to speak with the great Remulos who informed her that her path to him had been foreseen some years before, and that she would become one of his druids. She was given Orus the great-horned owl as a companion and voice of wisdom in her training and sent to Staghelm's great tree where she would train as a Druid of the Claw.

She wasn't surprised when Remulos sent for her as she had risen in her training with remarkable speed and skill, but was shocked when he told her she would have to leave her home and travel to the lands of the dwarves and even further to the human lands. Quietly anxious yet faithfully obedient, Sueno sent her prayers of protection to Elune and set out across the Great Sea to Menethil Harbor. She wasn't sure what she expected to see, but the flatness of the land and the absolute lack of trees that greeted her was enough to elicit a soft whimper from her before she was able to pull herself together and focus on the task at hand. Her usual friendliness squelched, she barely managed a nod as she passed gatherings of dwarf and gnome, human and kaldorei. Racing to complete her mission, she politely asked for directions when needed, but for the most part followed the roads and signs there and back, decidedly not talking to anyone.

Soon she was being sent more and more frequently to the Eastern Kingdom to acquaint her to the Alliance and to serve their allies as necessary. She had made a few friends in her training and in her travels, and was even briefly taken in as a student to an older and wiser druid. She hadn't been expecting the deep, warm, sultry voice in her ear, her face blushed hotly at his offer, and she did her best to politely decline. She was embarrassed when he chuckled at her innocence, and braved an offer of friendship which he accepted in the same smooth, confident voice.

Sueno plays on the Server:Steamwheedle Cartel US server

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