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General Info Edit

Name: Spennig Aisling
Nicknames: Spen, Spenny
Current Occupation: Innkeeper and Owner of the Golden Dawn & Leader of Awakened
Professions: Artisan Skinner & Herbalist
Race: Night Elf
Age: 227
Class: Druid (0/0/51)
Sex: Female
Skin: Pale greenish-blue
Hair: Leaf Green
Height: Hmm...
Guild: Awakened

Physical Description: Spennig is a slender night elf with pale greenish blue skin and long leaf-green hair that is kept tied into a braid most of the time. When she does let it loose it falls in a silken waterfall down her back to brush the bottom of her thighs. She is not extremely fashion conscious, except when dressing up for meetings or dates.

Personality Description: Spen is very loving, and naive. She cares about people, and will do almost anything for those she loves.

Bio Edit

Spen grew up for the first years of her life with a very loving set of parents, then was hidden with her younger brother, Bynis, when her home was attacked and her parents and visiting family were slaughtered.

She has spent many years working in association with the Bronze Dragonflight as an anchor point of sorts for them to focus on.

She has once found her mate and love in Charam Ashtalon, but is now single... ish.

She has built a new family of friends and loved ones with her guild and network of friends.

Friends and Enemies Edit


  • Her guildmates...
  • Rinthorn
  • Telamir
  • Zik
  • Merrick
  • Marelda
  • Kyouraku
  • Craft & Maia Ramsey
  • Okatagaraath
  • Many others...


  • Lucial - her uncle...

Gossip Edit


Spennig lives on the Steamwheedle Cartel realm.

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