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Morok Firebelch is a dwarf paladin, noted for being Bhiggo's executioner (and played by the same person) and, for the same reason, Bhiggo's worst nightmare.

One can see the Paladin Firebelch on Cenarion Circle, as "Firebelch." Because of his revered status with Ironforge, there are a few statues of him in Wildhammer Clan Strongholds, Bronzebeard dwarf holds, and dwarven towns all over Khaz Modan.


Morok's Views on Azeroth include the following:

  • Believes in avenging grudges done to the dwarven races. Most Orcs, Trolls, undead, and all demons are beyond redemption. Orcs and trolls have always fought the dwarves, the undead killed their allies to the north, and demons simply must be eliminated.
  • Opposes Slavery fanatically. Important dwarves sold into the slavery are rarely ever found and freed again, thus all who deal in slavery have committed the greatest crime against the dwarven people, and there is no escape save death.
  • While most of the horde presents a threat to the dwarven people, Morok believes the tauren lie completely blameless, knowing that they are just honoring a blood debt. Never the less, any tauren that threaten Ironforge must be annihilated.
  • Dragons are fine by him. They're just animals, and can be bought off with some food and a belly rub. He is even known to keep a black dragonflight whelpling named "Burns" as a pet.


Obviously Allied:

  • The Alliance
  • The Naaru
  • Hammer of Magni URL


  • Burns: A Black Dragon Whelp that Morok bought for five gold. Burns is a friendly dragon whelp that wants nothing more than to eat, sleep, play, and be petted.



  • Kallard Duskrender: In addition to being a blood elf, Kallard has caused quite a ruckus during Hallow's End when he somehow broke into the guild hall and forcibly danced with a guildmember (which the player, at the time, was sure was a female... boy howdey was I wrong.) It is blatantly obvious to Morok that Kallard is insane and therefore needs to be monitored.
  • Blood Elves: Morok is highly skeptical of all Blood Elves, and when they are in Alliance Territories, he will keep a careful, ever-watchful eye on them.
  • The Horde: Morok has "bigger itches to scratch." While the Horde might oppose the Alliance, and Morok will try to stop them if need be, there are things out there that threaten the entire world.


... to name six...

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