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Mairtyre, Warchief of Hell Shadow

General Information

Name: Mairtyre Hellshadow, Husband to Verizamour Hellshadow
Age: Unknown
Class: Warrior
Clan Affliliation: Warsong Clan
Guild Affiliation: Hell Shadow
Guild Rank: Warchief and Leader
Physical Description: Typical Orc features, Six Foot Six Inches in height; Two Hundred Thirty Two Pounds in weight; Red, Fel-Blood Eyes; Thick Black Hair brought back in the form of a pony-tail style.


  • As told by Mairtyre

In the days at the end of the Second Great War my brother Verdancee, and I, were only a few seasons old. We were abandoned along the outskirts of a small farming village within the Barrens. Verd, did the best that he could....Forgive me, my memory is a little hazy, but I shall explain to you how I came to be to the best of my knowledge.

Times were good, at a young age I can remember scurrying about in the front yard with my elder brother, Verd, and feasting on my mother's plainstrider beefsteaks awaiting my fathers return home from the mines. Times began to become hard. Our parents had fallen to the hands of the human scum. Our father had left us to our mother's care at the beginning of the Second War, only to be attacked weeks later. We received news of our father's imprisonment and death within the Lordamere internment camp. This, as you can imagine, tore at every inch of my mother's soul she became so enraged at the thought of the humans that she slowly began to drift into insanity. At some point our village was attacked. Verd and I were hidden within a tunnel my father had reluctantly dug during the First War. We could hear the screams as our friends and extended Orcish family as they attempted to survive the massive onslaught of human and gnome warriors. Days later my brother and I surfaced to find almost everything had been burned to the ground. The life we had known and loved was no more.

We were picked up and taken to the grand city of Orgrimmar, there we were adopted into the orcanage and sent to school. At the season of around 10, we were taken in front of the newly appointed Thrall, the keeper of the warhammer, and his right hand Grom Hellscream. They were to deliberate and determine what training specifically we would receive at the orcanage. Unfortunately Verdancee, and I were separated. Verd, having great potential as an advisor and keeper of the magic’s, had been sent off to become a Shaman of sorts, and I had been chosen to train, and become a Warrior. Within the first day of training with my new master Rin'Jin, a troll of great stature, I met a young orcling jut like myself, Dawnkwagnus, or Dawnk for short. It didn’t take long until we had become great friends. We were sent off to fight in the Third Great War, and we battled along side each other fighting for the Horde. Seasons passed, and I had not heard nor seen Verd. Dawnk and I had finished training, at the top of our class, and had already been in more battles than most veterans. Luck should have it, while traveling through the cross roads, I came across a rather light green toned orc displaying some of his shamanistic talents for the local children. Immediately he looked up and we connected eyes. We charged at each other jumped in mid air and began pounding our fists into one another. Being ever so apparent, everyone in crossroads stopped to watch the epic battle. Half way into the pummeling we both just bean to laugh like wild. It had been 12 seasons since I had last seen my brother. Many more seasons passed and my brother and I had been reunited. I traveled many times with Verd, and Dawnk, fighting great fights, leading many battles. Then my world came to a stop. I met up with Verd to do some and we traveled to meet some new friends of his. We came across a young Tauren named Zefo and the most alluring Troll I had ever seen named Verizamour. At once I could feel myself warmer than normal, all of my armor began to get heavy and rather tight. I puffed up my chest, depend my voice and spoke to her for the first time. Thankfully, that was not the last. I have watched her grow into an amazing shaman, and she continues to flourish in her skill and always continues to amaze me. I have known her for many seasons now, and I have continuously attempted to protect her from the elements, and the Alliance alike. With the new addoption of my mountable brown wolf, Kyrin, I am well on my way to attaining the exalted warrior status I have been working so hard to achieve. Times are good again.

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