About Kailemagnus Edit

Kailemagnus, or Kaile (expletive)ing Mangus as he is also known, is an Undead Warrior on the Steamwheedle Cartel US Realm.

He has a large, unofficial following, colloquially known as the Kailemagnus Fanclub. Many of it's members are members of the Alliance side guild, Prophecy, and the Horde side (of which Kailemagnus is an officer), Mortal Strikem (Steamwheedle Cartel US)]].

Kailemagnus has existed in all his awesomeness on the Steamwheedle Cartel realm for over two years.

His nicknames include

  • Kaile (pronouced kay-el)
  • Kaile (pronouced kall-ee - this is usually used by female players)
  • Mister Magnus
  • My Hero / Our Hero

He is a known and frequent contributor to the SWC Realm forums, and can usually be found giving sound, logical advice to inquiring minds. He will occasionally engage in troll-like behavior on the forums, but never in a hurtful or insulting fashion.

Apparently, as of the recent move of this page by one of the admins, Kailemagnus is now cojoined with the SWC server...You can see for yourself that the page is called "Server:Steamwheedle Cartel US/Kailemagnus."

If Kailemagnus were to go to sleep...the entire server could be in peril. This is a 100% accurate interpretation of Kailemagnus' importance to this particular realm. Concerned parties should mail lots of Red Bull to Kailemagnus as soon as possible.

In Paradigm Edit

Kailemagnus is the warrior / melee lead for the Horde raid guild, Paradigm. He has been a member almost since its inception in early 2007. As the melee lead, he decides which melee will be going to a particular raid, and has semi-veto power on melee loot (though he rarely excersizes it except in the case of off-spec loot for people who are normally healers or tanks).

Typically, Our Hero raids as a standard 33/28 Mortal Strike Blood Frenzy Arms warrior. In this capacity, he wields a Cataclysm's Edge and stacks items featuring the Armor penetration stat. His current unbuffed ArP is 1189, though he can nearly reach 1600 if he switches a few pieces around.

For Zul'Aman bear runs, Kaile raids 17/44 Fury and stacks Strength and Attack power as much as he can. He has enough gear with hit rating to reach the hard dual-wield hit cap, although he doesn't recommend anyone to do this due to the substantial attack power and crit strike loss that you suffer.

Once in a while, Kaile raids prot, though his spec varies. Usually he doesn't take Improved Shield Wall or Last Stand as he is of the opinion that if you have to pop those, you're probably already screwed. His tank gear is just a little behind where he'd like it to be, although he can and has tanked Archimonde in the Battle for Mount Hyjal.

Dear Kailemagnus Edit

There is a thread on the SWC Forums called "Dear Kailemagnus," which is a help-me-please thread along the lines of "Dear Abby." Answers to questions will be given as quickly as possible. Feel free to ask Kailemagnus anything you want!

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