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General Info Edit

Name: Haukran

Race: Scourge

Age: Unknown

Birthplace: Unknown

Height: 160 cm

Weight: 60 kg

Sex: Male

Hair: Teal

Eyes: Luminescient Yellow

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Class: Holy Priest

Guild: House Indari

Character History:

Formerly of the Scourge, Haukran was freed from the shackles of the Lich King by Aeyerryn Indari after he set out to find his cousin Aeyesa Indari. Despite being ‘free,’ Haukran had no thoughts about what to do with his new found freedom so, due to Aeyerryn’s kind act, he swore fealty to House Indari and currently serves as Aeyerryn’s ‘man-servant’. His name was given to him by Aeyerryn, as he knew not his own birth name.

Aeyerryn is currently inducting Haukran in the ways of the Light and Haukran seems to be making promising progress as a priest.

Physical Description:

Like most Undead, Haukran’s body is part way through the decomposition process so parts of his body have rotted through revealing the skeleton underneath. Most of his body is still intact though and it only seems to be his arms which have taken the worst damage from the decomposition. His facial features, despite being just drawn and haggard also appear empty and confused, as though he doesn’t really understand what is going on.

Around his body Haukran wears a simple black robe with intricate detail in white. The white thread dances patterns across the plain black fabric brightening up Haukran’s otherwise dull wardrobe. To cover his claws/hands Haukran wears some simple, black fingerless gloves.

A dagger is usually shoved into the belt of Haukran’s robe along with whatever trinket he has picked up recently on his travels.

His story is currently being chronicled in the House Indari Chronicles. His first appearance is in the story: A Gathering in Orgrimmar.

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