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Personal Information

Name: Gianni

Race: Blood Elf

Age: Young Adult

Class: Hunter

Sex: Male

Skin: Dark

Hair: Black

Height: Average for his race

'== Personal Information =='

Physical Description: Gianni is of average height for males of his race. His iridescent black hair is kept spiky, reflective of the angularity of his body and face.

Personality Description: Gianni is soft spoken and his speech is oddly formal, especially when he is in the presence of those he considers to be of a higher station than he. His deferential manner reflects his background as one who was raised to respect authority and tradition. He reveres nature; he is the most at ease in the company of animals and he is never without a creature companion. He is especially fond of the common mouse--he keeps at least one with him at all times and it's not unusual to see the tiny animals perched upon his shoulder or peeking out of a pocket. If asked why he is so fond of mice, Gianni might shrug and offer a vague reason but those who know him well immediately recognize the strong bond as being one of kindred spirits: vigilance, tenacity, curiosity and unbridled energy are embodied in both. Gianni prefers to hang back and watch the world; he is observant, missing nothing, not even the smallest detail of his surroundings. His breathless eagerness reflects his youth. He is easily amused, easily captivated, and easily impressed; he has a tendency toward hero-worship. One of the first adventurers he ever met in Azeroth was a Tauren female named Mooth. She responded with casual kindness to his enthusiastic "hello!" and since that day, he honors Mooth and her guild, Ordo Draconis, whenever he sees their people during his travels.

A typical quote from your character: All Hail Ordo Draconis!

Animal Companions: Fiorello, a pink Tallstrider from Durotar; Spike, a colossal Shrike bat from the Barrens; Bravozulu, a black raptor from Blade's Edge Mountains

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