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The Character

Physical Description: His skin is dark for a Blood Elf, and his hair is as white as snow upon a mountain. He has a faint scent of sulfur around him, and his glowing eyes seem to hide something. He is always wearing a smirk upon his face, and is almost alway accompanied by Neryse. He walks well enough, but seems to struggle with more complicated manuevers, as if he's not comfortable in his own skin.

History: The recent happenings of his life and past can be found here

The Names of Drakelis

  • Draekelisanos the Devourer

Personality and Beliefs

Though his powers were completely decimated in a failed attempt to seize control of Blackwing Lair from Nefarion, Drakelis still believes himself superior to the "lesser creatures" of Azeroth. However, unlike his brethren, he will not underestimate the ability of mortals to overcome obstacles, having witnessed firsthand the defeat of the Horde at Grim Batol, and subsequently hearing of the Battle of Mount Hyjal. Through the strength of the New Horde, he believes he will find a way to regain both his station, and even his original form (which he has lost the strength to maintain). Also unlike his fellow Black Dragons, he has absolutely no problem with the Horde running free and out of the Flight's sphere of influence, as his own hide was saved back in the Second War by several orcs. If nothing else, he will at least hold that debt in honor, another thing which seperates him from his cousins.

Allies and Enemies


  • Neryse - The elf who "saved his life" and is now constantly at his side. Much to either his annoyance, or his entertainment.
  • Kodar - He and the Lord of the Viperian have a kinship of vengeance and ambition dating at least 5 years back.
  • Steamwheedle Cartel - The Goblins have always been neutral in conflicts, as a rule. However, for the last 10 years, Drakelis has worked as an enchanter for one of the lesser Dukes, hoping to eventually gain influence. He recently abdicated his position in the Cartel for unknown reasons.


  • Brek'Ael - One of Mordread's closest Lieutenants and Drakelis's superior in the Hand of Malgyos. The pair has NEVER gotten along.
  • Fletchyr - The one Bet Drakelis truly regrets - but still honors - where he lost his first Hoard.


  • Black Dragonflight - Under Nefarion, Drakelis finds no kinship with his brethren or their servants.

Other Information

  • Drakelis is a gem and metallic ore fanatic and expert, willing to go to any lengths to aquire more.
  • He is an avid gambler and bet-maker.

Notable Events

  • On Jan. 2nd, he was defeated by Nefarion, had his powers completely stripped, and thrown into a lake in Eversong Forest. Here, he was found by Neryse, a young Blood Elf huntress.

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