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Name Faction Server Race Class Level Guild Rank
Alderhan Alliance 15 Steamwheedle Cartel US IconSmall NightElf Male Ui-charactercreate-classes rogue Rogue 57 Argentum Ordo Knight
Name Faction Server Race Class Level Guild Rank

As he appears with hood Ghostshroud.


Name: Alderhan Highmoon

Race: Night Elf

Class: Rogue

Professions: Leatherworking and Master Skinning, as well as Master First Aid.

Current Home: Ironforge

Place of Birth: Astranaar

Age: Roughly 312


Average height for a night elf, Alderhan is nothing special as far as his kind goes. His beard is rough and can at times seem unclipped, but Alderhan makes it in his best efforts to not let it grow out too far. His skin is a pale-lilac, and his hair is a pure white. His eyes glow somewhere between silver and amber and are usually wrinkled up by the soft smile that appears to be on his face every moment of the day.


Alderhan likes to talk. If he doesn't arrive mid-way through the conversation, then that means he had a hand in starting it. His voice is smooth and in between alto and baritone. He enjoys socializing and he always can be found adventuring with his friends, or just hanging out in the city. Although he has a high regard for authority, if its goes against morals or ethics, he'll instantly retort and shed light on whatever contradiction or fault it has (see types of Alignment for more information). He'll go out of his way to help a less-seasoned ally if they get themselves into some type of trouble.


Alderhan's only goal in life is to regain his lost memories. Although he's starting to regret making that his goal ever since he remembered why he left Ashenvale...


Early Life

Born in Ashenvale while it was uncorrupted to the noble Highmoon family, Alderhan was always somewhat pampered growing up, always being trained and being nurtured while his mother was away working. His mother, Lehra, was a high priestess of Elune in the Temple of the Moon, which he visited 4 times (in 211 years, mind you), which is in Darnassus, being somewhat far off from Astranaar, so he didn't get to see her very often, but did everything with her while she was in his hometown. His father, Aleran (whom he is somewhat named after), was a powerful Druid in the Cenarion Council (the cause of his nobility), which means that his family didn't have a lot of say in what happened pertaining to political affairs. He had two siblings, one younger sister, Sishan, also a priestess, and an older brother, Kelamus, the family "champion". His sister is forty years younger than him and his brother was 60 years older than him.

Warsong Orcs

At the age of 165, the Warsong Orcs moved into southern Ashenvale and began corrupting the land, causing an uproar with the Cenarion Enclave, who immediately sent druids out to battle with them. His father, with respect for the Horde, advised against the movement, but was quickly shot down by other powerful druids within the Council. His father quickly sent his younger sister to Darnassus to train with her mother and began training the brothers in the ways of the Warrior himself. Alderhan never quite picked up on it, but Kelamus quickly excelled in it. As soon as Kelamus became ready for battle (in his father's eyes) he was sent into the fray, but Alderhan had to wait two years before he reached the minimum battle age of 170. He began training vigorously on his own and quickly began reaching his brother's level, but still never grasped it. He aged to 170 and went to battle with his brother and fellow night elves. At the age of 210, his sister came back from her training and began healing in the battles against the Orcs, but never battling herself. A few decades later, after battle after battle, after defeat after defeat, the Cenarions listened to Aleran's pleas and withdrew from Southern Ashenvale, leaving the Orcs to peace and further corruption upon the land. The Highmoon children never stopped in their martial ways and became revered by the other night elves as champions of the Kaldorei.


Soon afterward, Alderhan grew bored of being a warrior and trained secretly with the rogue trainer in Darnassus, almost instantly becoming powerful and deadly in the ways of the Shadow. He challenged his brother to a skirmish one day and battled with him harshly, but in a very friendly way. His sister walked past the homemade training arena built for the boys as the duel was nearing an end, and noticed Alderhan using daggers instead of a blade. She ran to her father and notified him of her brother's deceit. Her father confronted Alderhan and got in an argument with him, in which Alderhan stormed out of Astranaar for two weeks. He returned, still somewhat flustered, and foolishly challenged his brother once again. His brother accepted, thinking he would win just as he had easily won all of their other battles. The battle began and the two fought for an hour before their sister showed up to watch. Alderhan was angry with his sister, and in an attempt to earn her respect, used a poisoned dagger against his brother. The poison was just supposed to immobilize him, but Alderhan dug too deeply with the thin knife, and severed a part of Kelamus' spinal cord. Kelamus thrashed his arms about while lying on the ground as his heart beat rapidly and abnormally. He stopped seizing and lied there lifelessly as his younger siblings watched in terror at something they could not figure out. Alderhan pulled his sister to his dead brother's side and asked if he could be resurrected, but she replied, "His spinal cord has been severed and his heart cut off from nervous function. Not even a resurrection could heal that."
Alderhan stood, shocked and ran from the arena to his house. He gathered some things in the night and hid them in a remote area of the library. His father stopped speaking to him for a week, and all other Astranaarians shunned him and scoffed as he passed by. A high-ranking Cenarion council member approached him exactly a week after his brother's accidental murder and said, "You are no longer welcome in Astranaar and are forthwith disowned as a Highmoon." Alderhan ran straight to his house and grabbed his pack from the library before leaving. His sister walked past him on his way out of the town, but didn't say anything. He stared at her, and told her, "Someday, the Cenarions will realize their fault and will need me back." She turned to him and stated coldly, "To the Cenarions you're dead, and to me, you're nothing."


Alderhan immediately left Ashenvale and ventured into Darkshore, in order to go to Darnassus. But, on his way through a shortcut in the forest, he was caught off-guard and mauled by a Rabid Thistle Bear. He awoke in the Temple of the Moon, with his mother by his side, but he looked at her for a moment, before saying, "Who...who are you?" His mother stopped and looked at him, but only said, "I am a priestess of Elune."

After a long series of questions and queries, as well as much reading, he knew what the Kaldorei were and what they were all about, but still remembered nothing of his past. His mother gave him 5 silver coins and sent him to Rut'theran Village, where he was to take a Hippogryph back to Auberdine, and catch a boat to Menethil.

Arrival to Azeroth

He did this and arrived in Menethil shortly afterward. He was 297 at this point in time. He stayed in Menethil for 9 more years, at which point he was 306 years old, before leaving. He was on his way through the Wetlands when he was attacked by a crocolisk. A kind druid, Elliandria, saved him from the beast and escorted him to Dun Morogh, leaving him just outside of Kharanos and venturing back to Outland. He continued to the Dwarven city of Ironforge, where he currently resides, and then continued from there to the Human capital, Stormwind City. Elliandria again found him there and took him to Westfall, but once again departed to help the Cenarion Enclave, leaving him in the care of a young female human rogue, named Treanina. The two then went back to Northshire Abbey, where they talked about Treanina's life there and her past. They walked to Goldshire and met a rogue, named Lucillice, who welcomed them to the Order. That is where his life now begins...
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